Real-Time Terminal Operating System (TOS)

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Real-Time Terminal Operating System (TOS)

A Real-Time Terminal Operating System (referred to as TOS) is a control system that allows you to see and control all operations within a port or a terminal facility.

TOS is an integral part of the terminal operations, including yard management, berth management, vessel management, crane allocation, and other processes. It controls movements within the port (and subsequent, related territories) and facilitate load/unload operations within the terminal (yard).

A Real-Time Terminal Operating System improves port working processes' efficiency by accommodating asset, labor and equipment management. As the name suggests, the information is processed in real-time between the client and the server. A good TOS should be lag-free to eliminate delays and improve the terminal's operational efficiency. In addition to that, TOS is a stand-alone system that automates various processes. For example, the Terminal Operating System will allocate containers to storage spaces. It will supervise working queues to make sure that two containers won't be appointed to one place.

TOS is compatible with other technologies, such as the Internet, cloud technologies, EDI processing, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), wireless LANs and mobile devices. This system is fully integrated into all working processes so that authorized personnel can see another person's activity in a matter of seconds.

TOS accumulates all data from the terminal to a central database. The database can compile reports that include cargo status, location of staff and vehicles, as well as other supporting data. TOS can execute various tasks and ensures the efficiency of other integral systems. It continually monitors different operations, including yard management, vessel management, container handling equipment management, gates and terminal’s management.

To sum up, the Real-Time Terminal Operating System is an essential part of the port's (terminal) operational processes.


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