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UN/EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport) is a message based on the international EDI standard. IEDIFACT comprises a set of internationally agreed standards for the electronic interchange between independent computerized systems, developed under the United Nations supervision.

The EDIFACT includes an interactive exchange protocol (I-EDI), standard messages for multiple exchanges (exchanged between multiple countries and industries), and a specified set of syntax rules to structure received and delivered data. 

This message system is used in shipping and transportation to grant standardized data exchange between the shipping lines, terminals and ports on time. 

EDIFACT affects container terminal efficiency and productivity. It delivers a minimal amount of data about containers (cargo) that is automatically processed between carriers, vessels and terminal operators. As for the information itself, EDIFACT includes cargo container data necessary for swift container and equipment handling.

United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), which works under the UN Economic Commission for Europe, is responsible for the development, optimization, and maintenance of the EDIFACT standard.

UN/EDIFACT processes data automatically following specific standards (formats). For example, TOS (Terminal Operating System) exchanges messages for vessel operations management using MOVINS, COPRAR, COPARN, BAPLIE or CODECO formats exchanged between the TOS and other parties (vessels, cargo carriers, etc.)


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